Woodworking Ideas You Can Teach to Your Little Kids

Woodworking ideas is a nice activity, even for the kids. This is one of those reasons why the fathers sometime ask their kids to help doing the woodworking projects that they are doing. Even though this kind of activity is something nice to do, you need to realize that the tools are not something meant for the kids. That is why if you want to choose the right project that you can do with your kids.

woodworking ideas

If you are interested, some of these projects with woods are safe enough for you and the kids. So, you can choose one of these projects and do them with your kids.

wooden bird house

Wooden Bird House

The first idea that you can try is building the bird house. This is something that many kids love to do because they might find some birds nesting inside the bird house that they built on their own. To start this project, it is advisable for you to cut the wood planks into some small sizes that you need to make the bird house. Once all of the materials are ready, you can ask the kids to start gluing the parts for the bird house. Once the parts are glued strong enough, you can do the nailing since it might be a bit risky for the kids. For the finishing, you can ask them to paint the bird house on their own.

wooden small camping tent

Wooden Small Camping Tent

The camping tent is one of the best woodworking plans that you can surely do with your kids. That is because all kids love to play inside the tent. As an addition to that, you do not need to nail anything because you can replace the nails with the screws. For this project, you will need four small wooden bars and three wooden poles. After that, you need to screw the ends of those bars into the ends of the poles. You only need to think about making a kind of triangular roof or the upside down book. That is the shape that you need for this kind of idea. After that, you need to cover it with the fabric sheets.

wooden growth ruler

Wooden Growth Ruler

Another nice thing that you can make is the growth ruler. If your kid is less than 10 years, then this woodworking idea will be a nice idea to try. It is not only they are making the growth ruler on their own, but also they are using it as they grow taller. To finish this project, you only need a piece of wooden plant around five feet long. The thickness does not matter at all. After you have it, you can start sanding the wooden plank and let the kids draw the lines on the plank. For your information, make sure that you have drawn the line as their guidance. When it is all done, you can do the clear finishing so that the growth ruler will last longer.

wooden mini library

Wooden Mini Library

The last woodworking ideas that you can try will be the best if you want to teach reading habit to your kids since they are very young. It is because if the kids have their own spot to keep their books, there is a possibility that they want to fill that space with their own books. That is why this mini library project is a good idea to do that. As an addition to that, you only need few wooden planks to do the project. Meanwhile, for the joint, you can easily cut the ends of the plans so that the planks will lock automatically. This way, you can even let the kids to make the mini library on their own. They are like playing with the puzzle.