Simple Woodworking Projects For High School Students To Increase Skill And Dexterity

Woodworking might sound hard to do, but some beginner plans and designs are intentionally made for increasing skills. In this case, creating something made out of wood will be an impressive high school project. While some people will take extra steps to create something amazing, there are some simple woodworking projects for high school students to do. It doesn’t need something complicated to impress after all. Here is what you can do.

simple woodworking projects for high school students

Some Woodworking Ideas That Easy Yet Great For High school Projects

  1. Address Number Wall With Planter

Address Number Wall With Planter

The first idea comes from a very simple yet charming project. You can make a wooden number wall that also has a planter. All you need to have is a cedar fence picket and some cedar boards or any kind of wood laying around. You also need a metal address number that later will be glued in the wooden board. So, the first thing to do is to cut the wood in the same dimension.

Attach the three lumber using drill pockets and nail them slowly, so it won’t get through the front part. The simple woodworking projects for high school students continued by creating a U shaped smaller pieces of wood to make the planter. Attach them and place them on the bigger board. And lastly, attach 12″ board using wood glue and nails. Stain them and lastly glue the number, done!

  1. Wooden Stand For Hanging Basket

Sometimes, creativity gains better scores than complexity. In this case, you can create a wood stand that functions to hang basket planters. The simple ideas adopt the rectangle window style with a little hook inside it. This hook is where you can hang the potted planter, creating unique decoration furniture. The rectangle wooden construction is supported with the broad wood plank as the base, so it won’t topple over.

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wooden stand for hanging baskets

You only need some pieces of wood that come in different lengths and sizes for the simple woodworking projects for high school students. Use the drill and the pocket holes to attach the materials, attach the hook on top, and add finial on the top of the hook to make it looks classy. And that is all you have to do. You can finish this project by giving colors and wood finish to make it looks better.

  1. Rustic Wooden Log Candle Holder

Wooden Log Candle Holder

This project is very cheap, but worth a thumb up. You can say it since the idea is genuinely creative without the need for a big budget. You only need a log, saw, drills, spade drill bit, varnish, and candles. All you have to do is drilling the log and make sure the candle is fit inside. Varnish the log before you put the candle, and that is all about this project. It is done and functional.

  1. Wooden Ipad Stand or dock

Another simple woodworking projects for high school students that will blow you away is creating an IPad stand only with a piece of nice wood. The dimension of the wood is around 5.1 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches that later sawn, drilled, and chiseled to make a dent for the IPad stand. The cut or the dip should be 27 degrees cuts with a height of 10 – 15 mm hole. Sanding it, and it’s done. You can get the plans here.

Wooden Ipad Stand

At least those are some of the ideas you can do to make an impressive yet very simple woodworking project. The ideas don’t need you to spend lots of money. Some of them don’t even need power tools which makes them even cheaper. To make your project stand out of the class, you don’t need to make something fancy. Using a plan for the simple address number, IPad stand, even the log holder will help you pass the course.

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