3 Easy Woodshop Projects For High School Students To Try Out

Many woodworking plans are available on the internet. The never-ending options of plans are meant for everyone who is currently learning or doing woodworking. In this case, using woodworking for a high school project is one of the ways to get a great score. From so many plans, here are some easy woodshop projects for high school students you can try out.

easy woodshop projects for high school students

Some Woodworking Project To Impress Your Teacher And Classmate

  1. Chess And Checkers Board

The first suggestion you should take is creating the wooden chess and checkers board. Worth noting that you don’t need to make the chess pieces since they need higher skills in carving and shaping woods. In this case, you will gather some of the scrap or leftover wood around the shop to build the 64 small squares of the chessboard. Building this project is not an easy feat, but at least it is doable even for the beginner level.

wooden chess board

All you have to do is gathering enough lumber to create the 64 squares and the frames. Make sure you got a different kind of wood or you can varnish and color it in different shades. The basic of this easy woodshop projects for high school students is cutting and gluing the pieces. It might sound easy and tedious, but this simple project needs a precise measurement and soft touch when attaching each piece.

  1. Build A Box With Box Joint

Don’t ever underestimate the power of the box. In many cases, people or students are avoiding these kinds of projects since they are too simple. As simple as it is, creating a wooden box using a box joint technique will impress everyone. Using a joint as the method to attach pieces of wooden blocks is not easy. You will need a precise measurement and specific design to make each lumber fit each other.

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build a box

It is like a puzzle designed to fit each other. If you are interested in doing this kind of easy woodshop projects for high school students, it is better to start using woodworking plans. You can get it on the internet or download it here. It will help you determine the right measurement and dimension. At the same time, you will know how exactly using the planer or joiner, belt sander, clamps, router table, compound miter saw, etc.

  1. Scrap Wood Cutting Board

Another simple yet fun project is creating a cutting board by using scrap wood. Some of the students might decide to cut any wooden board then varnish it to make a cutting board. But with this plan, you will take one step ahead by making an aesthetical cutting board. This idea also helps you to clean up the unusable scrap wood and transform it into a useful piece of wooden handicraft.

Scrap Wood Cutting Board

You can get many plans regarding the easy woodshop projects for high school students. But it is quite easy to do. What to do is gathering different types of wood in different sizes. Cut them so they are in the same size and glue them together to make a wooden board. After that, clamp all those boards. As they attached, sandpaper the board and lastly put a finish so the food is safe from any wood splinter. That is all you need to do and voila, your cutting board is done.

The three ideas above are meant for a beginner level woodworking project. Each of them doesn’t need a lot of budget nor complicated steps. You can create it with joints and some basic woodworking skills. when you are looking for a woodworking plan, you can download it on this site. Along with the explanation of the equipment and the materials, you will get well-laid information regarding the steps and procedures.

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